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Rhian’s favourite letters of the alphabet are H & R, which is why she heads up the HR advisory department here at EST (also her favourite letters). Her experience is coming up to 10 years and spans both the private and public sectors. At the beginning of it all, Rhian dished out advice across London to those in the music, PR, and creative industries but has since transitioned into advising small and medium sized business in humble South Wales.

HR advice doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s what Rhian believes, anyway. Jargon has no place on her to-do list. Being commercial and practical about her clients’ issues, however, takes the top spot. Throw an employee issue, organisation change, contract, or policy her way and she’ll get stuck in up to her elbows.

Rhian is just as busy outside of the office. Family time with her husband and little boy are always on the agenda, but she’s also a fan of shopping, endlessly scrolling through Pinterest, and keeping fit as a fiddle. Walking, running half marathons, bootcamp classes, ski-ing… You name it, she’s probably tried it. Apart from playing the fiddle. She’s never tried that.

Rhian openly admits she’s a spreadsheet-lover and drives her husband mad doing the financials every month, so we knew she was exactly the right person for the job. (That and the fact she likes prosecco.)



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