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est hr services

The Essentials: contracts, policies, and procedures

Have all your documents in place for when a new employee starts, when an existing employee leaves, and everything in between. For example:

•    employee handbooks - the ultimate resource with all of the policies and procedures your business needs
•    employment contracts - to make sure you’re properly protected and on the right side of the law
•    consultant / contractor agreements
•    recruitment templates (e.g. job descriptions, interview questions, and hiring strategies) to make life easy when taking on new staff

Rules change, so your HR documents will have to change from time to time, too. Once you’ve got the foundations set, we can maintain them for you (with our meticulous touch), so you’ll always be up to date. We can also do ad hoc or annual audits of files to ensure conformity with data protection and discrimination legislation. Yes, it is as important as it sounds.

All-inclusive HR services

When complicated or delicate issues arise with staff, you need someone in your corner to guide you through the HR maze and help you tread carefully. Here are just a few of the services we provide:

•    manage complex employee issues & situations with you, such as disciplinary, grievance, attendance, and performance - and make them as painless as possible for both parties
•    redundancy planning, briefing, document preparation, and management on your behalf
•    TUPE advice, planning, consultations, and management on your behalf
•    advise on options for restructuring and/or redeployment
•    mediation and dispute management

Whatever your ‘people pickle’, our HR team will be all hands on deck to see you through it as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Here-whenever-you-need-us HR support services

Need a helping hand with the HR issues that suddenly land themselves on your desk? We’ve got you covered. Here are just a few of the services we can support you with as and when they pop up:

•    employee letters and employee communication
•    Investors in People coordination
•    quarterly reviews of HR activity and performance
•    preparation and negotiation of draft Settlement Agreements
•    management coaching and mentoring
•    career banding - professional disciplines, benefits, and salary alignment
•    visa checks and applications

To say “hello” (or “help me”) to one of our HR team, call this number - 02921 303 888 and we’ll be with you in a jiffy.