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EST HR Consultants

Business is tough. Starting one, growing one, and even sustaining one. It takes time. But it could take less time (and considerably less stress) with the right team around you.

A team that understands how to support you as you take your business from where it is to where you really want it to be.

That’s where HR services come in. Creating strong foundations - and then keeping them robust - will help keep your people happy and your business thriving. And if any staff issues do rear their heads, you don’t have to deal with the headaches alone. We can deal with them with you!

One size doesn’t fit all and we will adapt so that we can best support you.  Expect telephone and e-mail support, but never a call centre - we pride ourselves on getting to know the businesses we work with well and prefer a personal touch.

Support doesn’t have to be remote - where you need us on-site to deal with more complex situations, we’re happy to take the lead.  We can also carry out interviews on your behalf and our experienced trainers can design and deliver team development such as induction and HR training.

Psychometric testing in a variety of contexts can be carried out to support recruitment, team profiling and continuing professional development.

Our aim is to become an extension of the team so feel free to throw all your HR needs our way!

We recognise that our clients often require the flexibility of on-going support whilst managing costs.  EST HR offer truly flexible and comprehensive retainer services that are excellent value for small to medium sized businesses that don’t have the budget or need for an in-house HR team but would like to benefit from continuous support to help deal with day to day HR issues as they arise.

EST can provide HR advice/support on an ad hoc basis charged at an hourly rate or at an agreed fixed fee per piece of work.